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Welcome to Westaby Electronics where we design, build, and sell circuits based on things you love. We can assist you in cost effective solutions to enhance your product or projects. Feel free to with your design concept. Check out our previous projects below for ideas of what we can do for you.

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Every project starts with a research phase. We get to know your needs to best help you achieve your aspirations.


We are experienced in designing Electrical, Software, and 3D aspects of a project.

Prototype to Manufacturing

Our designs are made with manufacturing in mind. Our experience and partners in manufacturing can help you lower the cost of your project.

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Boba Fett Chest Display Circuit

Photo by Nick Cavanaugh

Boba Fett Chest Display Circuit

This animated circuit is programmed with animations from the Star Wars movies and Mandalorian TV show. Big thanks to the research done by Joshua Kane and the Dented Helmet forum.

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Ammo Counter

Ammo Counter Mk3

The Ammo Counter MK3 is a remix of my previous ammo counter design and is now completely reprogrammable by you with no additional tools! There are 10 clip slots in memory, you can easily switch magazine sizes with a single button press. Each clip slot can be reprogrammed by you for any starting value. I partnered with Nathaniel Deal of AmmoCounter.com to sell these as the ultimate ammo counter solution.

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EMF Gen2

Supernatural EMF Reader

Prop from the TV show Supernatural. Functioning meter needle, light animations, and tone sweep sound effects. This is a well researched duplicate of the prop used on set.

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Energy Sword Action Pose

Energy Sword

Prop from the video game Halo. Featuring dynamic and reactive lighting, motion activated sound effects, and an internal rechargeable battery. I built my original energy sword design with the help of Sean Bradley in 2009. This work was expanded by Joshua Kane in 2013. I took Joshua's work to the next level with multiple animation modes with reactive and multi fade lighting. Credit for the sculpting and paint job still goes to Sean.
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Mini NES Build

Mini NES

This is a functioning Mini NES clone based on a Raspberry Pi 3 and Retroarch. What makes this build unique is the NFC reader, which allows you to duplicate the look AND feel of the retro NES. The cartridge slot is functioning. Insert a game, click it down, and press the power to play that game!

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Nomad Mk2 Prototype

Laser Tag NOMAD

Portable hand-held hosting of laser tag games. Compatible with Hasbro Laser Tag Team Ops line of Laser Taggers. This was a collaboration project with Robert Bontrager. The handheld device stores game types and transmits programming to the taggers. During gameplay, additional features are unlocked such as packet sniffing and medpack mode.
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Reboot Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Reboot Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Prop from the film Ghostbusters 2016. After the movie came out, I was dissapointed by the lack of open source designs for the Reboot Proton Pack. It took me about a week to make my own. If you would like to make one of these. All my plans, references, part lists, and source code are on Github and Google Drive.
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Ammo Counter for Laser Tag

This was the final Ammo Counter I made for the Hasbro Laser Tag Augmented Reality tagger. This circuit was designed in collaboration with Ryan Bales. The display connects to the LTAR's headphone jack to receive game data. To be compatible with the game data from the tagger, the numerical display of previous versions was dropped for a percentage based bargraph display.
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