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Boba Fett Range Finder

This is a self contained rangefinder I designed. No stalk hole is cut in the plastic, so it fits a variety of helmets. Runs on a CR2032 battery and turns on when tilted down.

Kit Overview

The kits consists of the following parts:

  • Circuit Board
  • Main Body
  • Clear Diffuser
  • 2 Screws
  • Allen Wrench


Remove Screws

Use the included wrench to remove the screws and diffuser.

Install Battery

If there is no battery installed, insert a CR2032 button cell. Make sure that the + symbol is facing up.

Take the range finder out of storage mode.

On the circuit board you will see a small switch labeled STORAGE. Flip the switch as pictured to turn on.

Tip: You can use the included wrench to move the small switch.

Storage switch is in the lower right corner.

Tilt Circuit

Spin the circuit in your hand to activate the lights.

Installing on your Helmet

Unless you requested otherwise with your order, your range finder will not have a hole to attach your helmet stalk. You will need to cut a hole in the plastic.

Cutting Tool Examples (pick one):

  • Hot knife
  • Solder iron
  • Wood burning tool
  • Drill
  • Dremel

Use the wrench to remove the clear diffuser. Then carefully push on the two LEDs to pop the circuit out of the plastic shell. Try not to bend the tilt sensor’s position.

Tip: You can use the included wrench to push the LEDs through the holes.

Now with the diffuser and circuit removed, you can cut into the plastic without damaging them.

Remember to cut in a well ventilated area.

Adjusting the Tilt Sensor

You can carefully bend the sensor to adjust the activation angle. Pay attention to the bead inside the sensor to figure out the best angle to activate. 20 – 30 degrees works well.


Range finder doesn’t light up

Replace the battery.

Clean the battery clip. High humidity can cause a white film to appear on the battery clip. Use rubbing alcohol and a qtip to scrub away.

Flip the storage switch to ON.

Inspect the tilt sensor. Check if you can see or hear the ball move. If not, contact for a replacement sensor.

Range finder lights up erratically

You can adjust the angle of the tilt sensor to make it less sensitive.

Tilt sensors are sensitive vibration and acceleration, so running and other movements will activate the lights the same as tilting.